Monday, April 5, 2010

Now I'm Pissed Off

I was recently lucky enough to be a guest blogger with a repost of my MILFs vs Cougars blog.And before I even got a chance to look at it, the admin for that blog told me he had to take it down, because the comments got so heated.He never specified exactly what the brouhaha was about, and I honestly don't know why anyone, male or female, would get their knickers in a twist about something as meaningless as MILFs vs. Cougars. I make it a point in my blog to write about pretty benign subjects, things that have absolutely no bearing on society at large. It is pretty much all froth, because the world is serious enough. I appreciate passion as much as the next gal, but one miiiiiiiiiiiiiiight want to try choosing one's passions more carefully. But the point is this--it is an OPINION. And it's mine. It doesn't need any defense. It is my stupid opinion on a stupid subject. The End.

What has happened, it seems to me, is that the huge amount of instantly available information has blurred the line between fact and opinion so much that no one can tell the difference anymore.What is passing for journalism these days, especially on television, is barely concealed opinion masquerading as real. Information travels so quickly and with so little accuracy, and there is almost no reliable place to go to find out the truth. It really is more the "truth" now, unfortunately.I believe almost nothing of what I read, and if I am talking about something of any real substance, i try to quote the source of the information, i.e. "CNN says..." That hardly makes it true (unfortunately) but it is, at least, traceable.

Here is the thing, my dear friends who are also my readers, all of you know me as the most opinionated bitch out there. And I make absolutely no apologies for my mouthing off. In private. Here, where it is all vajazzling and blow up dolls, who even CARES what I think? But even if I were talking about things that have an impact on society, such as, say, the resurgence of harem pants (oh, could i go OFF right now!) it is still my opinion. And you can disagree (although it would be foolish, in the case of harem pants.) But you CAN disagree. If you don't like what I say, go read something else. And shut the fuck up.

We have lost all ability to communicate civilly online. Ok, fine, I accept it.It would be folly of me to expect people to be nice, because people were NEVER nice, and being anonymous gives people an inflated sense of their own power.Anonymity makes you taller, stronger and less of an impotent schmuck. And it makes you a coward. And often, it makes you an asshole. So if you are going to challenge my opinion, or anyone's, don't join the bottom feeders and mom's basement dwellers and be who you actually are. Say your piece. But here's a little hint--knowing the difference between "you're" and "your" might get people reading to the end of your sentence. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Read MY latest post chick!!!

    I'm with you lady!!!!

  2. :(...
    What happened? What were the ppl saying? I find it inconceivable there is anything worth getting up in arms about cougers vs MILFS...
    Stupid people.
    For what its worth I LOVE your opinions.


  3. I make no apologies whatsoever for anything, nor do I give a rat's ass about the people (and by "people" it appears I mean women) who can't take the poles out of their asses long enough to realize how ridiculous they are. The poles must feel good. Whatever.

    But I look good, and work hard at it, and if the 24 year old who cried when I turned him down were here, he would tell you what a hot piece of MILF ass I am.

    And thank you for loving my opinion, Nightingale. Loves in return!

  4. This is become a pet peeve of mine as of late, especially when it comes to these anonymous idiots posting vile and racist garbage on news forums. And, yes, as far as MILF's go, you are crushin' it!


  5. And I look damn good in my slutty shoes!

  6. I'd be foolish to disagree with you on this one.

    The way I see it is, if someone's looking for a fight they'll find it. That seemed to be the case that day.

    Say it strong and say it proud!

    Yer great! or is it Yur great? I can never remember.

  7. Funny, I always have that same problem with whore and who're, but that's just me. Actually, just had that same conversation, re: too much information and the blurs between fact and opinion yesterday with a friend of mine. As they say, opinions are like.... But I think what causes the problem you are addressing here is the medium. Message boards, IM, E-mail are too detached, cold, annonymous and sterile. People aren't talking to people, and what they're reading is skewered by their own filters. It's too bad, cuz personally: Milfs and Cougars each have their merit

  8. Quadropheniac, you are absolutely correct. So may misunderstandings, for me, have arisen on IM or e-mail due to the dryness and lack of affect to the messages. Those emoticons are stupid, but they serve a purpose. It is pretty sad that nuance has been reduced to a sideways smiley face.

    And do tell--what are the relative merits of Cougars and MILFs?

  9. I think you would agree with me as to the Milf, Sugarsnow, being it is a moniker you wear with pride. And why not? It is a badge worth aspiring to. (and accentuates any wardrobe). For the Milf, it signifies being the object of desire, For men, it's the universal fantasy. The perfect woman, one you can bring home to mom, yet schtup in the carport between courses of the family dinner. Talk to intelligently about the the effects of tariffs on western economy at a boring cocktail party, still wearing the smile on your face from what just happened in the parking lot. For both, it is a win-win situation.

    The Cougar is a bit different. Some might view the Cougar as holding the advantage here. They pursue the affections of the younger prey, be it for sex, status or a narcissistic need for self-agrandizement, but I would argue again here that both end up the victor. For the male receives the aforementioned benefits of sexual experience, sweetened by the Cougar's incessant need to shower him with gifts.

    In all cases, the trophy is in the eye of the beholder, and the sex is almost always good

  10. My apologies for calling you QuadroPHEniac. I thought you might be a Who fan.

    Fascinating. And really, I shouldn't quibble. Anything that gets people (legally) laid is a-OK in my book. But given a choice via the definitions you've supplied, I would say I will stay where I am and embrace my MILFiness. And while I am not up on my knowledge of tariffs, I will gladly learn for a man that uses the word "schtup" in a sentence with such finesse.

  11. Excellent observation, a typo, Quadropheniac is correct and Who fan it is, thought you could see The Real Me ;-)

  12. I only know one major Who fan--perhaps you are one and the same?

  13. why be truthfulness, when you can be popular?
    why be smart when you can be attractive
    why be nice, when being an asshole puts you in the front pages (of insignificant web site)?

    the choice is always easy

  14. You once did, the Pinball 'Wizard from behind the curtain.' Perhaps one day we will discuss Smoot Hawley over M&M's and Reeses, or screw that, and delve into something more intriguing, say a compare and contrast of the virtues of Eddie Van Halen over Steve Vai

  15. I know I'm late to this particular party, but I was totally behind you and the Crazy Brunette on this one. There are so many more worthy things to get upset about... I can't believe so many chose this.

    BTW, judging from emails I've seen, you can assemble a string of words from a random word generator, put the phrase, "CNN said..." and half of America will believe it.

    Whatever happened to a healthy skepticism?

  16. Bluzdude, honest to god, it has gotten so bad that I believe pretty much nothing I hear anywhere. Which then makes me look like an idiot, because it appears that I have no opinion on anything. It's not that I don't have an opinion, it's more like I don't know where to get trustworthy information for a well-informed opinion.

    But, yes, a little PERSPECTIVE would be great. I declare, I am a MILF. End of story. How does it affect the world? It doesn't. see how easy that is?