Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a world gone mad when karaoke is wrong.

Perhaps I have misunderstood the concept of karaoke. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it meant to be an EXACT COPY of a song, so that a random person with or without musical skills can sing along? I wasn't aware that mistakes were allowed. Isn't life confusing enough without the unexpected karaoke screw up? 

I should make clear that I am not a fan of karaoke. In fact, I have only participated once, this past New Year's Eve. I spent a lovely evening kicking male ass in trivia with the other ladies, and then was challenged to karaoke by a couple who were LEGENDARY in karaoke. This is what they told me. This particular karaoke system had grading out of 100 points, and the scores appeared to be based on timing and pitch measurement programs, but it was hard to tell. In any case, once challenged, I had to quietly and deftly annihilate them, with modesty I didn't feel. Loads of fun and an excellent way to start the year.

However, I am very excited to do a cover show in June, very very different than anything I have done with Sugar Snow. I am working with a phenomenal trio of professional musicians, and I am definitely the newbie with much to prove. The set list is an amalgam of their songs and mine, some I wouldn't necessarily have chosen, but an interesting mix. And since we are limited in the number of rehearsals we are having, I need to go in absolutely and utterly prepared. Thus, downloading karaoke versions to practice in the car, where I spend the bulk of my time. 

So imagine my surprise and utter disdain when one of them is wrong. Not a little wrong, like a flourish of extra instrumentation or the use of piano rather than glockenspiel. This is actually wrong. The song is verse, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. Pretty basic. And as I am ready to start singing verse number two, it goes into the chorus. THE CHORUS. Now how is that helpful? I am trying to learn the song exactly, just like the musicians who recorded the karaoke version were supposed to learn THEIR version exactly, And yet....a massive failure of the karaoke kind. This may not be the most popular karaoke song, but it deserves to be 100% accurate, as all other songs are expected to be. 

Not to mention that it screws me up. That alone is reason for outrage. And I am.  Please join me.